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On this page you will find a list of questions that we frequently hear. We hope that we are able to answer some of your questions and make your booking process much more simple.

Some of your packages say "starting at", what could increase the pricing?

Pet Hair: Depending on either the amount of pet hair, type of pet hair or type of carpet present inside the vehicle could cause prices to increase. Due to the increased amount of time it will take to clean. Price will not increase no more than $75 dollars for pet hair.

Bodily Fluids: Unlike pet hair anytime bodily fluid is present inside the vehicle. There will be an additional charge starting from $30 and up depending on what's inside the vehicle. this is evaluated once inspected by one of our detailers.


What type of payments do you all take?

We can process any major credit or debit card. We also accept cash and Zelle payments.


Where can I book my appointment?

You can book appointments underneath our detailing services tab. There you can see all our packages and pricing as well as book appointments. below is a direct link for that page.


How far do you travel?

Travel Fees: We will travel up to a hour and 15 mins away in any direction from the center city of charlotte. Any location that is outside of 20 miles is subjected to a travel fee.  Travel fees ca be between $25 -$50 depending on distance.


What are your ADD-ON services

1. Wheel polishing w/ Ceramic Coating : $150 - $200

2. Water spot removal from windows: $40- $80

3. Water spot removal from painted surfaces: $100 - $350

4. Ceramic repellant for windshield, windows and rear glass: $75

5. Clay-bar Treatment: $50

6. Headliner Cleaning: $25

7. Over-spray removal: $250 - $700

8. Sticker Removal: $2 per sticker 

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